I am the Captain of my soul. I am the Master of my Fate.



I believe, that we all have an opportunity to find some kind of meaningful happiness in life.

But we must committ ouselves, listen to our heart and believe in ourselves.

We must stay persistent, even in times of trouble and sorrow.


Life crisis and difficult challenges may be an inspirational kick for us to wake up and understand the importance of focus and energy.


Nature has always been an inspiration for me in my Art.


A walk on the sandy and beautiful beach here in the North of Denmark, always gives me a feeling of happiness.

Hiking in the mountains is for me a healthy, simple way of finding happiness. 

Here I find peace with myself......



Embrace the Sound of the Northern Winds,

the Dancing Lights of the Ocean

the Smell of Shells and Stones.


The Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland.